About Us.

In Harmony truly believes that every individual is unique and valuable, and seeks to support them for their optimum health and wellness. Based in Texas, we are dedicated to provide you with optimum hormone and weight balance.
We aim to accomplish these goals through our commitment, unparalleled expertise by board certified doctors. We give top priority to our patients and ensure that their health is in the best possible condition with carefully drafted health optimizing plans catered for each individual.
At In Harmony, we provide hormone therapy for men and women aged between 40 to 60. We also offer weight loss for all age groups. Our services include treatments for erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunction, diet plans, weight loss programs, HCG diet, fat burning injections, bioidentical hormone replacement, and hormone pellets.
When you come here you become part of our ever-growing family. We will help you get to your ideal weight.

How It Started

Dr Smriti Choudhary is a Board-certified in internal medicine MD with a particular interest in health optimization. She has a holistic approach to the wellbeing of a person as a whole and believes that a healthy human body has a very finely tuned hormone system.
With 20 years in practice, Dr Choudhary realized the optimization of health getting ignored in the current way of practice of medicine. She scientifically identifies and replenishes hormone deficiency to restore vitality and vigor. She offers comprehensive physician-supervised weight loss and other treatment programs for individuals focusing on long-lasting results. Encouraged by requests of patients she decided to embark on a path to provide services often overlooked in healthcare.