Female Sexual Dysfunction

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What Are the Causes?

A prevalent condition among women, female sexual dysfunction, is most commonly demonstrated by a reduction in the desire for sex, trouble reaching arousal or orgasm, and pain or uneasiness during sex. The number of women suffering from sexual dysfunction is indefinite, but the causes involved are both psychological and physical. The following are some of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in females.

Psychological Causes

Depression is one of the reasons for sexual dysfunction.

Medications, fluctuations of hormones, and experiencing a complicated and distressing medical condition are a few causes of depression. Regardless of the reason, a woman suffers several common symptoms while experiencing depression, and a lack of sexual interest is one of them.

Women often have a lot on their minds, which makes them stressful.

Some women going through extreme exhaustion and stress are unable to enjoy any sexual encounter. Ultimately, this can transform into female sexual dysfunction.

The occurrence of traumatic events in childhood is also considered as a cause of sexual dysfunction.

Indulging in sexual activities can trigger memories of traumatic events, including rape, sexual abuse, or any other type of abuse that occurred in the past. Such memories act as a hindrance to the ability to enjoy or desire sex.

Physical Causes

For a woman suffering from sexual dysfunction, physical causes play a critical role with the most common one involving hormones. With many women, hormones continuously fluctuate. As sexual activity and desire are mainly due to hormonal activity, its consistent change converts to sexual dysfunction being more prominent.

Bodily infection is another common cause of sexual dysfunction in females.

Some common infections that can cause complications during sexual relations are those that cause physical discomfort and pain while having sex, including several sexually transmitted diseases). Infections associated with the urinary tract and vaginal area also transform into female sexual dysfunction.

Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and hysterectomy are a common cause of sexual dysfunction. Other than hormonal imbalance, many other physical changes in the body may be at play, as well. Loss of libido is especially common in women who go through various types of treatments for their conditions.

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